Friday, May 06, 2011

'Scots Wha Hae': The Scottish Election Results

Regular readers of Lost Legacy will know that I apply a strict policy of not commenting on the politics of events in other countries other than the country I live in, which is Scotland, currently within the United Kingdom of Great Britain. (Please don't refer to England if you really mean Britain - or the 'Queen of England' - there is no such title since 1707 - she is the Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland).

Well, today, the result of the elections to the Scottish Parliament have been announced. The headline result is that the Scottish National Party (in favour of Scottish independence) has won 69 seats, Labour has won 37 seats (Unionist party opposed to Scottish independence), the Conservative Party won 15 seats (Unionist party opposed to Scottish independence), and the Liberal Democrats 5 seats (Unionist party opposed to Scottish independence).

These 69 seats give the SNP an overall majority (65 seats needed) to the Scottish National Party. This the first time since the Scottish Parliament was set up in 1999 that any party has achieved an overall majority (up to now the governing parties have been coalitions of two or more parties).

Note: I voted SNP, as I have done since 1974.

Disclosure: Adam Smith was an adamant Unionist, who supported the parliamentary Union of Scotland with England.

[As Adam Smith was so right on so much, his stance on this one issue is excused ….]


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