Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Nicholas Phillipson in Conversation With Russ Roberts

Russ Roberts of Econtalk hosts a discussion with Phillipson on Adam Smith HERE: -about 70 mins.

“Nicholas Phillipson, author of Adam Smith: An Enlightened Life, talks to EconTalk host Russ Roberts about the life of Adam Smith. Drawing on his recent biography of Smith, Phillipson discusses his intellectual roots, his intellectual journey, and what we know of his influences and achievements. Phillipson argues that Smith was shy, ambitious and very well-liked. He highlights the influence of Francis Hutcheson and David Hume on Smith's thinking. Phillipson gives his take on how the ideas of The Theory of Moral Sentiments mesh with The Wealth of Nations and argues that the Theory of Moral Sentiments was a response to Mandeville and Rousseau.

Russ Roberts makes comments as Nicholas Phillipson discusses Adam Smith. It is not always clear as to which of them is speaking, especially in references to the metaphor on “an invisible hand” (which has a special, almost messianic, place in Econtalk discourses on Adam Smith). The podcast is still worth listening to or reading in summary. It contains much of interest and relevance to Adam Smith studies.



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