Thursday, September 09, 2010

Tyler Cowen's Short and Informative Review of NIchollson's Book on Adam Smith

Tyler Cowen's Review (on Marginal Revolution Blog of Phillipson's Book on Adam Smith.

See the original for the interesting links HERE:

*Adam Smith: An Enlightened Life*

That is the new book by Nicholas Phillipson from Yale University Press. I urge all fans of Adam Smith to read this book. It covers Smith's life and times more than his texts per se. It is especially strong on Smith and Hume, Smith's work as a customs inspector, Smith's time in France, Smith and Quesnay, and Smith's dedication to his mother. I like very much what it covers; my main complaint is that the book is not longer.

Here is a James Buchan review of the book. Here is a John Gray review, more about Gray than the book. Here is further coverage. Here is a short piece by Phillipson. Here is a short bio of Phillipson.



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