Thursday, September 02, 2010

Announcement XX

On Friday, I begin the long journey back to Scotland from south-west France.

It may take 3—4 days because I am being driven back, not being allowed to fly for another couple of months (depending on my medical after I return).

This may mean no Internet connection during the journey, depending on the facilities in hotels en route, hence, there may be an absence of posts on Lost Legacy until I am back in Edinburgh.

Meanwhile, if any reader has knowledge of Pigou’s writings that may mention Smith’s use of the invisible-hand metaphor in relation to the outcome of individual self-interest leading to society’s general benefit, please end them to me (address above).

Also, there is a suggestion on Lost Legacy that Frank Knight expressed such views and I would be grateful any information in this respect.

It also appears that Keynes may have expressed similar views – while rejecting their validity.

Any help would be much appreciated.




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