Saturday, June 12, 2010

Announcement XXI

Gavin is currently in hospital and unable to blog, but he'll be back as soon as he is able. Hopefully by 20th June.

(Gavin's daughter)


Blogger Maxine Udall (girl economist) said...

Please convey to Professor Kennedy my most sincere wishes for a speedy and complete recovery. (It always surprises me to learn how much I can come to care about individuals I have only "met" through their intellect in the blogosphere. Your father is one of those about whom I have come to care.)

1:14 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope he is okay.

Do you remember David Williams?

He was my dad. I check in on Gavin's blog every once in a while.

5:39 am  
Blogger Gavin Kennedy said...

Hi Gareth

Of course I remember David Williams, my longtime colleague at Strathclyde. We had many memorable debates while traveling back and forth to Glasgow over the years by train or car.

I was saddened by his death, and him such a fit person, running regularly. He was very student oriented, especially his MSc class in development economics, the tutorial sessions to which he invited me to participate on occasion (I was into defence economics at the time).


1:58 pm  
Blogger Donald Pretari said...


I'm terribly angry with myself in falling behind on your blog. I won't let it happen again! I hope you have a Refuah Shlema ( Complete Recovery ).

Don the libertarian Democrat

10:09 pm  

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