Thursday, February 25, 2010

Announcement XV

'Tis taking longer to empty and stow the contents of the boxes - 18 still to go! - and domestic imperatives require I continue 'right on to the end of the road' ( a famous music-hall song from old Scotland).

However, a new Chinese language translation of Adam Smith: a moral philosopher and his political economy (Palgrave) has been published by Huaxia Publishing House. Beijing this month. Visually, it look impressive.

A regular 10-15 visitors from China appear in the stats for Lost Legacy - not a large market (yet) but this may change as the translation sells at 38.00 rmb (I think).

Should my regular Chinese visitors wish to acquire a copy they should contact Huaxia Publishing House (Ms Linda Li):
No 4 Xiangheyuan Beili, Dongzhimenwai. Beijing 100028, China []

Boxes calling...



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