Saturday, February 20, 2010

Announcement XIII

My sunny Australian 'holiday' comes to a close. I'm on my way back to Scotland tomorrow (Sunday) and to our new Edinburgh home - and scores of boxes to empty and other chores assigned for my personal attention.

At present, I am told, the Internet connection isn't and it may be some days before it is, even with my new Apple computer awaiting a link up. My return to Apple after 35 years may not run smoothly, but it will run eventually, I am assured. Thank goodness I can escape from Windows 7.

While away, I have been editing the new paperback edition of "Adam Smith: a moral philosopher and his political economy" for Palgrave. It's going well, though slowly.

Treating my paper: The Hidden Adam Smith in his Alleged Theology, as part 1 on his drift from Christianity, I am also now working on part 2: on his alleged Deist and Providential views.

So it will be back to normal at Lost Legacy - soon.



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