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My post was about the Richard Morgan Book and appears to have been inserted in the proper place. Thank you for the link to that book, helps my understanding a lot - so do many of your links, either keep me informed or in some outrageous cases amused.
here is the original comment.
Just received my copy this morning, read it without pause (obviously needs a more concentrated read later).

I like the way the two books are treated as related. Too often you see "moral sentiments" ignored, or statements that he said one thing here and another there so he contradicts himself: seems to me that very often we find a preconceived answer looking for justification. Any apparent contradictions are really qualifications reflecting different circumstances.

To quote Jim Carlton,"I was also impressed by the ingenious diagram illustrating the nature and causes of the wealth of nations." The numbered quotes relating to the diagram to illustrate a point rather than to prove an interpretation add to the clarity of the book.


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