Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Announcement 3

I have a couple of pressing projects on the go:

1 Daniel Klein and Brandon Lucas's "In a Word or Two, Placed in the Middle" (October 2009), which is their most interesting paper on the significance of the "metaphor" of the "invisible hand" for Adam Smith (from an idea of Thucydides).

This is underway and I was estimating a response in a week or so.

2 A review of Murray Milgate and Shannon C. Stimson's "After Adam Smith: a century of transformation in politics and political economy", 2009, Princeton University Press, was to appear in chapter instlaments from this week.

However, we have had our house (downsizing after the children left the nest for their own homes) on the market since November 2008 (the month when the UK property market finally went into free-fall).

The market has picked up and we accepted a (negotiated) offer for our house. The purchasers required an early entry date ("before Christmas") and we agreed today to this condition, previously expecting a leisurely transfer in February 2010. This gives us about four weeks to dismantle the house contents down to sufficient for two persons instead of five. Plus move my library. And look around the market for a suitable new, smaller, house in south Edinburgh.

The immediate consequence is that I am going to be very busy domestically for several weeks emptying one house, moving some of our property into a daughter's house until we settle on a new house, placing most of our property into storage, ready for the new house, and sending some of the surplsu to our French house.

Scholarly-wise, this is most "inconvenient", while domestically it is a great relief, believe me.

I shall do what I can, when I can, on the above two projects, but slower than I had anticipated. Be sure, however, that the two projects will be completed and posted on Lost Legacy.

I regard Daniel Klein and Brandon Lucas's "In a Word or Two, Placed in the Middle" (October 2009), as the most important paper on the invisible hand for many a year and it requires a considered response. In my teens we called this a "put up or shut up" moment. I hope you will bear with me over the next few weeks as I prepare my "put up" response, or, if the case merits it, my "shut up" resignation.

My review of Milgate and Stimson, similarly, will plod a long somewhat slower but it will appear - that's a promise.

Thank you




Blogger The Arthurian said...

Ah, good luck with the move, sir. And please do make sure the new house is in Edinburgh, because it is so cool when you write, "Upon my return to Edinburgh...." We don't have such wonderful place-names in the US.

12:29 am  
Blogger Gavin Kennedy said...

Hi Arthurian

Thanks for the good wishes.

I have been packing up boxes of books, many since my 20s (good bye old friends!) which I am disposing to local charity shops. About half have gone this week so far.

Be clear this does not affect my Adam Smith/early economicss library, nor my library of books on Admiral Bligh, or my anthropology library.

Yes, we are staying in Edinburgh (and our house in France).

I have also found a few hours researching and composing my response to Daniel Klein too. Going well.


7:33 am  

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