Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lost Legacy Awarded an Heinze Variety Status

A new (to me) Blog (Online Universities Weblog) HERE has compiled a list of 100 economics Blogs

and has placed Lost Legacy at:

57. Adam Smith’s Lost Legacy: This blog is a study on Adam Smith.”

Lost Legacy always welcomes publicity in Blogland, as I am sure readers would want to know when we get some.


Blogger Denis Drew said...

Spotted you on the "100" list.

Just thought I'd gripe that Adam Smith like Issac Newton missed a big one. Issac missed that if you swing a rock on a 2 foot string it takes 4X (not 2X) the energy it takes to swing a rock on a 1 foot swing (goes twice as far, twice as fast: energy increases with the square of the speed).

Adam's so-called "hidden hand" missed what any modern biologist would immediately recognize: that a market is an EVOLVED system of equilibrium among equilibrium points: like any living thing.

Nothing hidden about its workings except for the seemly infinite number of them. No need for obsessive fear of interfering with its "hidden workings" as exists on this side of the pond. A higher minimum wage wont have us all on two-block long lines to buy toilet paper as many fear here.

1:32 pm  

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