Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Jacob Viner Confirmed

There were two articles this morning in Blogland worth a look over if you have a spare 20 minutes. Both discuss whether Adam Smith was really a Leftist, a view likely to become more common as Adam Smith's the so-called rightist views comes under challenge:

1 “Was Adam Smith the Anti-Capitalist?” by Thom Stark Here (7 Sept 09)
2: “Free-market activists distort original message of Adam Smith’s “invisible hand” by James Pyland HERE (11 Feb 2006):

Jacon Viner once remarked that it would be surprising if some writer could not claim support for his strange economic ideas from Wealth Of Nations. These articles exemplify Viner's remarks.

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Blogger Thom Stark said...

Thanks for your blog. I really appreciate it and have read a lot of it.

For the record, I was not attempting to suggest that Adam Smith was a "leftist" at all. I was just attempting a satirical critique of the Chicago School's use of Smith.

2:37 pm  

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