Monday, March 02, 2009

Je Suis Désole - No Posts for a Few Days

I am on holiday until Wednesday sans Internet (curses!) but can receive emails and read Lost Legacy posts on my iPod.

There is so much going on at present, my absence is a burden.

I am at a critical point in my paper on ‘Adam Smith’s Alleged Religiosity’; I am behind on my paper (from my old day-job days) on the defence policies of the main parties in the Scottish Parliament (for the David Hume Institute); and I await signs of progress from a publisher considering my manuscript, ‘The Pre-History of Bargaining, Parts I and II’, which, if accepted for transformation into a book, would be my major project for 2009/2010.

Noticeably, the comments feature of Lost Legacy lately has begun to attract many competent correspondents and this stimulates further posts and discussion. I am trying to shift over to considered pieces on Adam Smith, instead of merely repeating the same songs about what appears in the world’s media (via Google Alerts).

So, much to do. But a break is needed and the family, mostly, is joining me for a few days in North-west Scotland, to see I take a break - I have packed a couple of books, on the quiet, just in case…


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