Saturday, January 03, 2009

Saturday Snippets

In MuniWireless HERE:

EarthLink is back where it was - in good old dial-up - which continues to thrive in the United States because Americans are waiting for Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand and the miracle of the free market to bring high-speed (i.e. fiber) broadband service.”

They’re in for a long wait for metaphor, and ‘miracles’ anyway, according to David Hume, are ‘lies’.

Markets, on the other hand, are fully understandable phenomena and will work, assuming consumers want to buy what is offered for sale at the prices they are willing to pay, and the State and its search for ‘winners’, gets out of the way. (‘news of the great nearby’), HERE:

Adam Smith’s invisible hand works best when the pickpocket’s hand isn’t also at work.”

The invisible hand metaphor doesn’t work at all because it is only a metaphor, not a real phenomenon. As for ‘pickpockets’, they are dealt with by the very real laws of justice that underpin all societies.

Booman Tribune (HERE):

"The invisible hand of Adam Smith seems to offer an extended middle finger to an awful lot of people"---George Carlin

When ignorance predominates, vulgarity asserts itself.



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