Saturday, December 27, 2008

Lost Legacy Posts Rate Increasing, and Readers too

Lost Legacy began in February 2005 and it reached its first thousand posts in July 2007, 29 months later.

Currently it has added another 704 posts from July 2007 to December 2008, 17 months later, standing tonight at 1704 altogether.

All very encouraging.

Looking at the monthly ‘unique visitors’ these stood at 4,675 for January 2006 (or first year) and the number of ‘page-views’ was 18,898 (suggesting that unique visitors were reading roughly 4 pages a visit).

For January 2007, the comparable figures were 12,550 ‘unique visitors’ and 53,585‘page views’, a nice increase.

For December 2008 (December 1 to December 26, with a few days to go and during a ‘holiday’ month) the nearly comparable figures were 15,685 ‘unique visitors’ and 92,427 ‘page views’.

These too are encouraging.

Lost Legacy is coming up towards 200,000 unique visitors and a million ‘page views’ a year.

I notice that the rate of readers’ comments on my posts is increasing, albeit ‘slowly and gradually’ too. For these comments, I am much grateful because it is from readers’ comments, positive or negative, that I get feedback about what you the reader wants me to cover.

Weeks or months without comments at all, is not quite discouraging, but it gets lonely wondering if I am talking to myself!

Thank you all who take the trouble to read Lost Legacy posts – and to those other economics Blogs that refer to Lost legacy or reproduce extracts, or whole posts even; it is the best form of reward to be noticed without getting big headed (to paraphrase Adam Smith in Moral Sentiments).



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