Thursday, May 22, 2008

Traffic Through Lost Legacy

I have noticed an increase in visitors to Lost Legacy over the past year. It took some time to get to about 3,000 readers a week.

In 2008 over 5,000 visitors a week view over 9,000 pages, according to ‘Go Daddy’ Traffic Facts.

These numbers are more liberal than the ultra- conservative ‘sitemeter’ on the Blog, which this week gives over 2,000 visitors and 2,500 page views – clearly there is a different ‘counting’ criteria operating on the two systems.

Since Lost Legacy opened in February 2005, ‘Go Daddy’ shows 405,414 ‘unique’ visitors and 1,520,542 page views, which is quite impressive for a narrow issue Blog, likely to appeal to a relatively narrow readership, most of whom probably do not agree with our presentation of Adam Smith’s ideas as he wrote them.

Judging by the relative paucity of comments through the years since Lost Legacy began, I assume that most visitors, especially regular ones, read the Blog for information about Adam Smith and not because they agree with what they read.

Long may this continue, because sooner or later the penny may drop and then some readers under the spell of the Chicago version of Adam Smith will see the Kirkcaldy Adam Smith in a new light, the light I believe he intended.

Thank you for visiting whatever your reasons.


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