Monday, March 24, 2008

News About Adam Smith's Edinburgh Statue

Eamonn Butler, Director of the Adam Smith Institute announces today the unveiling date for the statue of Adam Smith on 4 July in Edinburgh, which was made possible by the Adam Smith's Institute's fund raising campaign from private sources (no taxpayers' enforced subsidies!) here:

The Alexander Stoddart statue ‘currently in the workshops of Morris Singer, the specialist art founders, where sculptor Alexander Stoddart has been adding some finishing touches. According to Stoddart it is one of the best castings he has ever worked with, faithfully reproducing every detail of his original model.”

Eamonn Butler’s post includes a remarkably impressive photograph of the completed statue (here), and description of its showing ‘Smith in later life – he spent the last twelve years of his life in Edinburgh, where he had been appointed a Commissioner of Customs, which might explain his slightly stern look’.

There is even a sublimal references ‘in the work to Smith's support for trade with America. His neckware is modelled on that worn by Thomas Jefferson, his wig on a likeness of George Washington’, which makes its unveiling on 4 July more than coincidental.

The unveiling promises to be an international event of global importance, which may be particularly pleasing if anything emerges on 4 April from the purchase of Panmure House, Adam Smith’s former residence, further down the High Street, and not far from his grave site, that associates its renovation with his life’s work.

Now is the time for readers to consider a visit to Edinburgh around 4 July to participate in the celebrations – there will be many, including both serious academic conferences and ‘lighter’ gatherings. You can be sure that Lost Legacy will host at least one such event.


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