Saturday, January 05, 2008

Lost Legacy on John Nash and Adam Smith cited on Europe's largest economics blog.

Yesterday’s Lost Legacy's post, (4 January), “Adam Smith and John Nash Were Not in Dispute” has been cited today on the Blog of the Adam Smith Institute (here): “Some seem to think that Adam Smith and John Nash were on opposite sides of the question. Not so.” [Complete with a link to Lost Legacy]

The Adam Smith Institute Blog (London) is Europe’s most popular economics Blog: (“We'd just like to point out that you are currently reading Britain's number 1 economics blog. (Yes yes yes, it's a tendentious measurement method, not very accurate and we don't always talk about economics. But we're still number 1! Hurrah!”).

You should bookmark the ASI Blog as a lively free-market lobbying group (without political affiliation). Well, obviously they do read Lost Legacy and that must be something else in their favour.

Of greater importance is the hope that the thousands of readers of the ASI's Blog will read yesterday's Lost Legacy piece and learn about the fallacy that John Nash contradicted Adam Smith had different views on co-operation and bargaining.


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