Sunday, December 09, 2007

Interesting Articles on Greg Clark's 'Farewell to Alms'

In case you missed it, Deirdre McCloskey reviews Greg Clark’s Farewell to Alms, ‘Comment on Clark’ here.

It’s well worth reading.

It was mentioned en passant on Marginal Revolution this weekend (here)

See also: ‘Industrial Evolution’, a review of Greg Clark’s book by Benjamin M. Freidman in the New York Times, Sunday Book Review (here)

In August and september I reported on Gregory Clark's Farewll to Alms and on some of the exchanges I contributed to Marginal Revolution (see Archives).

Benjamin Freidman's review will remind you of some of the issues; Deirdre McCloskey's comment will expose some of the softer underbelly of Greg Clark's thesis.


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