Monday, September 03, 2007

Grudging Respect from Tim Worstall to Brad Delong

My colleague, Tim Worstall, over at Adam Smith Institute Blog (with whom I also have cordial relations - they are right on most policy issues) here, had to admit, against his principled stance as a card-carrying member of the liberal classical economist fraternity, that Brad Delong writes some good stuff.

I happen to think Brad Delong writes mostly good stuff, especially on economic history and on modern comparisons among developed and developed countries. Try a sample here.

True, I do not see eye-to-eye with Brad Delong on some major policy issues (and on some of his ‘wilder’ extravagances about the US President; as Head of State the office requires the respect of citizens even if they disagree politically, as Brad, of course, does; I don't vote in the USA so I am completely neutral). But that is his business and his right in a free society. It should have nothing to do with his contributions to the discourse among we economists. In this, he is one of the big players in the Blogsphere, and worth reading regularly.

So, incidentally, is Tim Worstall here.

For excellent daily commentary, with most of which I agree, I hit Tim Worstall’s Blog every morning – he seems to get up as early as I do – he writes from Portugal, but is close to UK politics and the idiocy of many UK politicans (I vote in the UK so my views are permitted).


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