Friday, September 07, 2007

Book Your Final Seminar Debate Next Wednesday on Gregory Clark's 'Farewell to Alms'

News from Marginal Revolution (here)
will host the last debate on Gregory Clark’s A Farewell to Alms’ (Princeton University Press) on Wednesday next, 13 August. Tyler states: ‘I've been very happy with the experiment and we'll do another one; it is important to do just the right book.’

This will cover chapters 14 to 17 of AFTA, and will also include discussion on the book as a whole.

So far it has attracted a wide range of serious commentary and the readership is likely to have been much greater than those many joining in the discourse. My own comments are a minority of the comments posted to the debate, and I have learned as much from the comments from many others, as I received from reading ‘AFTA’.

Arnold Kling of EconLog (here) praises Tyler Cowen’s achievement in hosting such a debate (readers tackle a few chapters at a time and then contribute or read the debate that follows, and then move on a week later to the next few chapters) as the ‘Best Comment Thread Ever’.

With Gregory Clark commenting on the comments as well, it is a great learning experience, normally confined to in-house university seminars, but which readers everywhere can observe and join in.

I hope to see you all at next Wednesday’s on-line graduate seminar at Marginal Revolution.


Blogger Unknown said...

I caught the tail-end of the debate, but it has been very enriching! I hope he decides to continue with another book, so I can join in next time.

12:55 pm  

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