Tuesday, September 18, 2007

$10,000 For a Script Idea, but is it Good Idea?

From National Association of Manufacturers (‘We are the millions of people who makes things in America’) 18 September: Carter Wood sets a challenge: “Any Pro-Business College Bloggers Out There?”:

America's Future Foundation, which supports development of young, free-market-minded leaders, is sponsoring a contest for the best college (graduate and undergraduate) blogger of a classical liberal persuasion. Award is $10,000.
The focus is on young people who wish to be journalists or writers. Screenwriters, too? As we just noted, TV dramas sure need a shot of some scripts influenced by Adam Smith or John Locke (more than Grammy-winning Terry O'Quinn, we mean). Or Horatio Alger.”

Well, here’s your chance if you’ve got in you! A drama in which an entrepreneur is not a sadistic, mean spirited, selfish, profiteer, of the kind we see almost nightly on tv.

Children are brought up on the steady diet of central-casting’s version of business. Profit is almost always spat out in tones of disgust.

Though I wonder what we’ll get instead of script writers working in Adam Smith’s ideas, or John Locke's. I’m not sure who Terry O’Quinn is, or for that matter who ‘Horatio Alger’ is either.

But then, I’m not a drama specialist.


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