Monday, January 15, 2007

Taking care to Distinguish Between Mises and Murray Rothbard

A correspondent writes (in a post down the page on 'Left' and 'Right' Libertarians:

"As far as I can see there is considerable difference between Mises and some of his followers, particularly Rothbard, about Smith. A brief search of Mises' texts suggests that he regarded Smith as a prophet of 'free market liberalism' and that Mises thought he was more important than the French Physiocrats. I also used Google Scholar to sample commentaries and commentators on the Austrian School generally agree that Hayek was very enthusiastic about Smith, Mises a bit less so, and Rothbard accused Smith of paving the way to Marxism. This is not my area of specialisation, but may I suggest you might have confused Mises with Rothbard? In general I'm very happy with ASLL, which is a model of well informed and careful blogging, correcting common misconceptions about Smith." (Barry)

I have tried to post this reply but the New Blogger won't let me in using either my Google name and password, nor my Old Blogger (though if I use this one, it sends me back to the New Blogger and still won't let me in):

"Thanks Barry. You are correct; there is a difference within the Mises trend, and I should be sensitive to that giving the approach of ASLL to Adam Smith's epigones."


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