Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A Small Step in Blogging But a Big step for ‘Lost Legacy’

There are many economics Blogs and I often comment on various posts from them. For those interested in surveying beyond a few of the more famous Blogs by economists, two places to start and to visit at your convenience, and scroll down the day’s entries at your discretion, are:

Economics Roundtable, hosted by Professor William R. Parke of the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Contact info: bp-at-rtable-dot-net. You can reach Round Table at:

Roundtable lists a Blog Roll of all economics Bogs that it surveys daily for their output. Besides economics it also has Blogs on Economic Modelling, Law, and politics.

The other is BlogNetBiz, a more recent addition to the BlogSphere, found at:

Its coverage is similar to Rountable and it has a couple of useful features in that it lists the ‘hottest’ topics of the day among the economics Blogs, and the frequency of posts from Blogs on all topics.

We have recently been receiving record numbers of daily visitors and record numbers of pages viewed. And this is most welcome. Blogging can be a lonely experience, especially with few comments from readers, but the visitors’ count makes up for it:

Today’s count is: All visitors Unique Visitors Page views
23 Jan, 2007 899 471 2,351
Total for seven days 4,962 2,566 11,824

The Blogs that mentioned Lost legacy today are:

Adam Smith Institute (London), one of the most popular Blogs for economists in Europe and a very active organisation that presents practical policies with an Adam Smith slant on them. It is influential in Whitehall and has a record of initiating policies that translate into legislation.

In its regular feature, Blog Review, in which we have featured once or twice, today’s (Number 117) reports:

Gavin Kennedy finds that rarity, someone writing about trade correctly. It's the imports we want, not the exports.”

You can visit ASI at:

The other Blog is new to me, from Romania. Its host is Gabriel Mihalache an economist, and his Blog is ‘Economics Investigations’, which states it is ‘An outlook on economics theory and data, by a student of economics in Romania. His Blog review is called ‘News of the World’, and in no 20 he writes:

“Adam Smith’s Lost Legacy, a blog by Gavin Kennedy, dedicated to dispelling the myths associated with Adam Smith’s name, such as unwarranted associations with neo-classical methods and hypotheses.”

You can visit Economic Investigations at:

Keep on Blogging.


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