Monday, October 09, 2006

From Missoulia to Zakynthos

Short piece in the (news online – from MT, US) for 4 October that would make a good short piece for new students of economics. It combines some elementary ideas about market economics with applications to tickets to rock concerts (the Rolling Stones) entitled ‘Adam Smith, meet Mick Jagger’, house prices, and oil prices.

Incidentally, that’s the only reference to Adam Smith in the title, suggesting that the sub-editor (who usually write the titles in journalism) in auto-pilot linked Adam Smith to a story about markets and ‘capitalism’).

Harmless, of course. Just thought I’d mention it here. Look up the piece, if you are a bit jaded as a tutor and face a class of people half your age and wonder how to get them into thinking like economists b holding their attention for more than 3 minutes.


Meanwhile my sojourn in Zakynthos passes the halfway mark. It’s early in the morning at sun up; the sea shimmering fresh to my left and the hills waking up to my right; the village of Alikes, tourist proud straight ahead. Everybody else asleep – as I wrote that the first, but not the last of the morning’s scooters swishes by making its mandatory noisy defiance of what for a few hours was the tranquillity of the ancient gods.

Hope to get more to you later.


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