Thursday, October 05, 2006

Annual Holidays at Lost Legacy

From today 5 October until Thursday 12 October I will be on holiday in Greece (the island of Zakynthos). It’s my first holiday break this year. Hence, it is unlikely there will be an opportunity for much, if any, Blogging on Lost Legacy.

I will have my laptop and wireless connection, but the technology (or at least my use of it) is ‘unreliable’. Apologies, then, for my absence for a week and the continued prevalence of my technophobia over any technogeek tendencies I ought to have.

I will, however, have time for some helpful reading – I hope to finish Istvan Hont’s Jealousy of Trade – and perhaps read through some earlier chapters of my manuscript of Adam Smith (for Palgrave’s Great Thinkers in Economics series, 2007), though that depends on family views as much as mine. I will be staying with my daughter, who is married into a Greek family and who is an example, with her husband, of entrepreneurial initiative in the tourist industry, starting as working in a coffee bar and growing into a twin guestrooms business with two large restaurants; a case study case of Smithian markets at work?

In my absence, you are welcome to make comments about any of my postings from the past year.


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