Friday, September 15, 2006

From Kirkcaldy to New York

Apologies for light posting Thursday and Friday of this week. I have spent two days working in Kirkcaldy, home town of Adam Smith from 1723-1737; 1746-48; and 1766-73, with short trips to Edinburgh and London.

I could not help but reflect on how Kirkcaldy has changed since the 18th century. The town has expanded northwards and east and west along the shores of the Firth of Forth, and the countryside around it is cut through with modern roads and the town conected by a railway line to Edinburgh (40 minutes) and Dundee, passing close to St Andrews University in the town of that name about 20 miles away. ST Andrews university was there in Smith's time, but he never went there, though it was his nearest university, and was one of the four universities (the others were Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen) established in Scotland at the time when England had only two universities (Oxford and Cambridge).

Over the weekend I hope to do some catching up with postings.

Next week I shall be in New York from Thursday for four days attending a conference, 'Reclaiming Adam Smith', at Columbia University on 22-23 September.

Should any readers wish to contact me in New York and, if it is convenient, I can be contacted via Lost legacy at: gavin At ['web site name'] DoT com


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