Thursday, September 21, 2006

APOLOGIES: while I attend an academic conference in New York

Apologies, but there will be little, if any, Blogging from Thursday (21st) to Tuesday (26th) because I am visiting New York to attend an academic conference, ‘Reclaiming Adam Smith’, at Columbia University (22nd-23rd) (Millbank Hall, 3009 Broadway).

Regular readers may guess why I am interested in what US and European academic colleagues have to say on this subject.

If my wireless laptop works I may be able to connect sometime (I am never that confident about the technology in these matters).

You can read from the archives, back to March 2005, from the buttons on the right of this page, or from the articles and comments from the buttons on the left on the home page.

No doubt, I shall have lots to report about the state of Adam Smith scholarship when I return.


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