Saturday, August 19, 2006

A Repas Among the Vineyards of South-West France, While Thinking of Adam Smith

Apologies for a gap in posting, but this area in rural France has been afflicted by severe (by Scottish standards) electrical storms and for many hours the Internet has been cut off. I checked with my neighbours today at a party for a couple's 56th wedding anniversary, and their son and grandchildren confirmed that for they too the Internet has been tres difficile, until around mid-day today (which was the time we were due at the anniversary dejeuner: I sneaked in the piece that I wrote yesterday and posted as my wife was leaving the front door for our neighbour's house).

Instead, I made excellent progress with Adam Smith, covering the subject of his alleged views on 'an' (NB: not 'the') invisible hand, with which regular readers will be familiar.

All being well, I should resume posting on Monday.

PS: You have no idea how many corrections were necessary to this short piece due to the influence of multiple glasses of local wine and two cognacs....


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