Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Last Words Until Friday (je suis desole!)

In a couple of hours I set off for Edinburgh after five months in southwest France (broken by a couple of trips back to the UK for work purposes). The journey will take me three days at a leisurely pace by road, carrying, apart from personal effects and, of course, wine (entirely for domestic consumption), most of my ‘Smith’ library.

The five months have been spent working on my book on Adam Smith for Pearson Macmillan’s Great Thinkers in Economics series (2007) – I am about three quarters through now, looking at the final home straight. I am moderately pleased with my progress and have very much enjoyed my in-depth re-examination at what he wrote and intended (and blogging here).

The other highlight of my stay was our daughter’s wedding in July in our small rural commune, officiated by the Maire on behalf of the Republic of France, and attended by 140 guests, most from Scotland. This interrupted, of course, ‘Smith’, but was extremely enjoyable, as well as memorable.

All this means that until Friday, I do not expect to be able to post on the Lost Legacy Blog. So my apologies all round. No doubt the perpetrators of offences against the legacy of Adam Smith, mainly of the Chicago fraternity, will commit heinous errors and mountainous amounts of misinformation in my absence (most from genuine misdirection by their faculty when students; a few with intent). But the counterblast will be suspended only temporarily, I hope, and all being well I shall survey the damage they have done in my absence and respond accordingly.

A bientot


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