Sunday, July 09, 2006

First Comment on 'Attachment Theory'

Last night (French time) I posted a response to the comment on my previous post on 'attachment theory'. For some reason the counter this morning (8.30am) does not register it, but the comment is posted on it.

To avert anybody concluding I ignore comments - there are almost none usually so they all get my close attention! - I repost my response here:

Gavin Kennedy said...
Thank you for the reference, I will look it up and may comment.I would like to make clear that 'economic man' has not connection with Adam Smith's moral philosophy or his political economy. That is an ascription added to his name in the 19th -20th century - what Jerry Evenski calls 'Chicago Adam Smith' in contrast to 'Kirkcaldy Adam Smith' (Adam Smiths Moral Philosophy', Cambridge 2005).

An economic socio-path would not have managed to exercise the propensity to 'truck, barter and trade' in Chapter 2 of Wealth of Nations.

I am not averse to 'attachment theory' - I just had not heard of it and was being honest about my ignorance.I'll get back after I've read some references.
10:18 PM


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