Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Temporary Interruption to Lost Legacy Daily Blog

Temporary Interruption to Lost Legacy Daily Blog

From Wednesday 3 May I am attending a seminar in Warsaw, Poland until Sunday 7 May, when I return to Edinburgh.

I do not know if I will be connected to the net (my laptop with wireless connection is in for repair; I hope it will be fixed by 8 May).

On 9 May I am travelling to France for the next few months. I am connected to Lost Legacy on the net from 10 May on my system at our house there.

Apologies for this interruption to Lost Legacy, which comes at an inconvenient time as in the last week of April Lost Legacy achieved the best number of weekly hits and the largest number of page views since we started in March 2005 (10,000).

As I will be hoping to complete my current project of a volume on Adam Smith for Palgrave's 'Great Thinkers in Economics' series during the next few months in France, I shall have quite a lot to say about Smith's social evolutionary 'system', much of which I hope to share with readers.

I shall also update Smith's bibliography which I first published in 2005 on Lost Legacy. Since then during my current researches I have collected many more titles for the listing.

Apologies for my temporary absence. I hsall make some contributions on my return from Poland on the 7th and 8th May.



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