Tuesday, March 07, 2006

First Birthday of the Lost Legacy Blog

At the end of February 2005 Lost Legacy had received unique visits from 48 readers who viewed 163 pages. I was delighted, though a little concerned that we could keep this up. After all Adam Smith’s Lost Legacy is a pretty specific sub—subject of those interested in Adam Smith.

Twelve months later (March 2006), 33,533 unique visitors had clicked onto Lost Legacy, and they had viewed 127,297 pages.

Last month (February) the number of unique visitors reached 5,768 and they viewed an astonishing 24,574 pages. To date the monthly visits and the number of pages viewed has risen each month – at no time has the weekly or monthly visits and page views be lower than a previous month’s. The trend continues upward.

A large thank you to all readers of Lost Legacy. You are a fairly quiet lot – rarely do you post a comment of praise or criticism (though several of you have sent emails instead). I would like to find ways of encouraging comments, especially from those who are unfamiliar with the works of Adam Smith, including students of political economy, philosophy, history, politics and social science generally.

If you have any questions about Adam Smith, things he wrote or books about him, send them in. I already get queries about the source of this or that quotation and sometimes I have the answer to hand, or know where to look. I have also posted here short pieces by others on Adam Smith (I don’t need to agree with everything written by you, as long as it is interesting and adds to our knowledge of Smith’s life and works).

I am now well into my next book on Adam Smith for Palgrave’s Great Thinkers Series. Sometimes I have to choose between writing the manuscript and blogging a comment on Lost Legacy. You may note occasionally that my comments are about something published earlier – a compromise to store some comments worth making while I complete something important for the book is my latest resort (I have some held back comments unfinished on my desk at this moment). Apologies for this, but publisher’s deadlines are promised commitments.

If you have suggestions for 2006-7 to make the Blog better for your uses, drop me a line.


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