Thursday, March 30, 2006

Count Your Blessings - it could be much worse; it might get better

“Inequality imperilling nation, book of essays contends”
A book review by Cecil Johnston, 30 March

"Inequality Matters: The Growing Economic Divide in America and Its Poisonous Consequences," edited by James Lardner and David A. Smith; New Press ($25.95)”

Most of the essayists, all of whom identify themselves as progressives, say the pollution of the political process by money is the greatest contributor to inequality. As journalist Bill Moyers puts it: "What has been happening to working people is not the result of Adam Smith's invisible hand but the direct consequence of corporate money, intellectual activism, the rise of literalist religious orthodoxy opposed to any civil and human rights that threaten its paternalism, and a string of political decisions favoring the interests of wealthy elites who have bought the political system right out from under us."

“"Inequality Matters" is a must read for everyone who hopes to see equality of opportunity restored to its rightful place among the American dream's most cherished features.

I picked this up and read the usual misleading reference to Adam Smith’s ubiquitous invisible hand, which turns up all over the place – this morning in Concorde, Massachusetts and this evening in the Middle East.

Reading some of the other articles about big style financial affairs in Saudi Arabia I couldn’t help thinking that if the regime, income distribution and lifestyles of the Arab people in Saudi was transferred to the USA the middle class would really have something to moan about.

Who does the work for the corporate elites in both countries? Yes, the middle class and working people.

Who packs the Churches and Mosques of the ‘religious orthodoxy’ in both countries? The middle class and ill-educated working people’s families.

Who wrote the essays? ‘Progressives’.

In the USA people have votes, including women. Use them.

Take the long view. Like Smith did. Nothing changes quickly. Vote for the least worse candidate, irrespective of party. Support the least worse policy. Avoid chasing for perfection. Reject 'Men of System'. You won't be disappointed that way.

Source: Middle East North Africa Financial Network (MFNAFN) from Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Knight Ridder Newspapers

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