Friday, February 17, 2006

Growing Numbers of Visitors to Lost Legacy and they are Reading more Pages when here

Recently, the number of visitor to Lost Legacy has increased considerably. This past week, for example, 9 - 16 February, there were 1,397 unique visitors (2,346 total visitors, including re-visits) who viewed 6,429 pages.

That represents close to and over 250 unique visitors a day, up from an average of between 100-150 visitors a day at the turn of the year.

Whoever you are you are most welcome!

In two weeks, 3 March, Lost Legacy reaches its first 12 months, and it will be interesting to see the annual figures from the slow start in March 2005.

Having now completed a DBA text book and web site on Strategic Negotiation for my former day-job (I retired last March) on 13 February, I can return full-time from part-time to writing my volume on Adam Smith for the 26 volume 'Great Thinkers in Economics' series for Palgrave Macmillan, due out in early 2007.

This will mean more time to reflect on serious Adam Smith studies and, of course, on the wild howlers about him and his ideas that provide daily material for Lost Legacy. I shall also be updating the Smith Bibliography with the scores of new references picked up in the past six months.

If readers have any views on how to make Lost Legacy better (including critical views) send them in to me at gk AT, or post them here.

In the meantime, thank you to all readers, regular and occasional.


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