Wednesday, December 07, 2005

What are You Saying?

In reference to the previous item, we have a comment from the Blog Economist’s View from Mark Thoma that is slightly worrying, especially from the comments it attracted (read the piece, including a transcript of the HYT article) at:

I am not entering a debate that properly belongs to the US electorate, but I do not believe I am not being too sensitive, and certainly not ‘politically correct’ (a euphemism for not thinking, just sloganising), when I sense a whiff of prejudice in the approach of Mark, and his correspondents. If I am wrong; apologies.

The point is that the free movement of labour, capital stocks and goods among nations makes good sense in the efforts to improve net wealth. This is the Smithian position on labour migration and I agree with it. It is about the only thing I can say that has been an unambiguous benefit of the European Union in recent years (my youthful illusions that there would be greater benefits from the original Common Market were, er, youthful illusions that came in touch with German and French real politique).


Blogger Unknown said...

I guess you missed all the flack I've taken lately for saying we should open our borders. See


for just the two most recent. Whatever whiff you got didn't come from me...

Feel free to check my free trade postion too.

And finally, if it helps at this site, I have Adam Smith quotes featured on my home page.

A little bit of checking first, okay? :)

9:23 am  
Blogger Gavin Kennedy said...

I asked a question because it was not clear on first reading your piece. I also offered apologies in advance if I was being too sensitive.

Of course, I accept your answer as a clear indication that you are not prejudiced against the free movement of labour. Excellent!

10:24 pm  

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