Monday, October 17, 2005

Smithian Commerce on the Ground in Africa

Given all the pessimism about entrepreneural development from the bottom up in Africa, it is a pleasure to read of the activities of a group of economists from George Mason University in the USA. They have set up a research project to investigate closely what happens on the ground to entrepreneurship in Africa.

We know about bad government blocking natural economic growth, which, if given the space to develop would dramtically change the economics of wealth creation (the only lasting antidote to poverty); we alse know about corruption; the proclivity for civil warfare; the racism (black on black, not just white on black); the criminal violence; and the climatical deprivations. All these stand in the way. We know that.

But what of what actually happens to those green shoots of Smithian commerce, which if they could work would make a difference? What's inhibiting them; what's encouraging them?

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