Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Problems at t’Mill

Much of my info on things written about Adam Smith comes through my University and today they had a ‘power surge’ or ‘shortage’ something, that shut the entire campus down, and my Adam Smith ‘alerts’ with it (it's that precautionary principle again).

Thus, I am bereft of material to choose from.

Apologies. It is an opportunity to practise stoic virtues in the Adam Smith manner – what cannot be influenced we should accept without whining.

However, I am speaking at a meeting of the “Friends of the Innerpeffray Library” (a gathering of people interested in Scottish themes and history) in deepest Perthshire, near Crieff, on Wednesday evening, 12 October, on the theme of “Adam Smith’s Lost Legacy”.

I will post my 40 minutes address later this week when my Technical Director (my daughter) next visits.

I will also be mentioning at Innerpeffray, Adam Smith’s College in nearby Kirkcaldy, Fife, in praise of its foundation (20,000 students making it the third biggest in Britain, and surely en route to University status).

In the meantime, I hope the University campus re-opens soon.


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