Saturday, September 03, 2005

You Gotta Help Colombo

“Political Lunacy”
Carl Luna's observations on California politics

In a witty skit, Carl Luna, professor of Political Science at San Diego Mesa College and a lecturer on politics and international political economy at the University of San Diego comments on some price hiking in California, a long way from the tragedies unfolding in New Orleans. He is interviewed by ‘Peter Falk’, a.k.a. ‘Colombo’ on price hikes in petrol(gas) prices. You must read it to enjoy it – some good economics too (visit: “ at the Union-Tribune 1 September”

His explanations to Colombo don’t go down too well because the old detective, in his usual manner, keeps raising ‘another thing I gotta ask’, and exposes inconsistencies in the economist’s arguments. In desperation, Professor Luna pleads for help

“One of you out there has got to be able to give me a better defense of how the machinations of the gas markets really do reflect the operation of the both free and fair market Smith argued must exist for capitalism to truly flourish?

Until then, I find myself thinking it all just might come down to the adage of Deep Throat: Follow the money”
Again a good example of how to teach economics from America.


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