Saturday, September 03, 2005

Another Loose Connection to Adam Smith

Editorial in "Varsity", Toronto, responding to complaints that the media carries too many reports of gun shootings:

"It is a simple fact that news media operates on the principle of supply and demand. Despite news journalism's supposedly inherent commitment to the objective communication of current events, the teeny-tiny content scrawling across CTV Newsnet (and CBC Newsworld, in less conflicted times) has undoubtedly been picked from the produce aisles of potential stories by Adam Smith's invisible hand."

Poor Adam Smith. Forever linked to the Shakespeare's 'invisible hand' metaphor (Macbeth, 3.2) and lumbered with its user's literary associations, no matter how weird, idiotic or loosely connected. The above editorial is full of metaphors, similies and such like, its author having swallowed a book of them, which she spits out at every sentence, as if to say: 'what a clever editor I am'.


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