Friday, July 01, 2005

Quoted in USA's Investor's Business Daily

The influential Investor's Business Daily, available in 50 States, in its "Leaders & Success" feature addresses today the "Father of the Free Market", Adam Smith. It was written by Donna Howell, a regular columnist with Investor's Daily and clearly a great checker of facts for what she writes.

The accurate article includes several quotations from me (as well as the distinguished Director of The Adam Smith Institute, Dr Eamonn Butler, and Professor Jonathan Wright, of Virginia University of Richmond, well known for his lively novel "Saving Adam Smith").

It is a fair account of Adam Smith, carries none of the nonsense that surrounds his name and reputation, especially in American academe, and is very much in line with the views of those wishing to restore his intellectual legacy.

You can read the article - and I strongly recommend that you do - because it presents facts about Smith's life that might surprise some of you.

Go to:
(It is not a permanlink but should be OK for a while.)

and e-mail it to your colleagues and anybody you know who might be interested in the real Adam Smith.


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