Friday, July 22, 2005

Progress in Daily Visitors and their Use of the Site

Great news of the advance of 'lost legacy' in the number of daily regular visitors.

The largest daily visit in terms of 'pages' of the web site looked at was 1,034 pages this week on Tuesday. As that was from 67 'unique visitors' (does not include multiple visits on the same day), I am pleased with our progress.

Since March, 6218 'unique' visitors have dropped into see 'lost legacy' which includes return visits on different days (up from a maximum of 105 in March).

The breakdown of the regions from which our visitors originate shows a predominance from the USA (the country most in need of correcting its misuse of Adam Smith's Legacy), and within the USA, California is the most represented State. The UK trails well behind at 5.58 per cent on total visits, with the rest spread around the entire world.


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