Friday, July 08, 2005

A Bit Off Message but Adam Would Approve

Response to a stranger's depression about the meaningless life he claims he leads


Before you were born the Universe had existed for billions of years. Homo Sapiens had existed for about 200,000 years and the Hominids for between 4 and 6 million years. Before you were born you were not conscious of these events - that is much like being dead. It all goes on with or without you but while alive you can become aware for your remaining trips round the Sun, until you are 90 perhaps but likely before that. Afterwards, the Sun and its planets will continue circulating with the galaxy and it will take 64 million years to bring it back to where it is now.

Being alive for a short while enables you to do what the non-living cannot and once you are dead you will never be able to do so again, ever. That gives meaning to your life. For the rest of eternity there is nothing more for you. While you are here there is everything to live for, to the full if you wish, or in depressive sloth if you choose.

Your birth was a unique event. Before and afterwards untold numbers of sperm and eggs never made it. They have not had a chance to be depressed or to be aware of the Universe for a few years. Death will come soon enough and once it does there is nothing to be depressed about or to enjoy.
You do not need religious myths and fantasies to give you meaning, but if you think you do, good luck.

You only need to look at life around you, be happy you can see, hear and smell it – the unborn or dead cannot.

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